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Drew myself some modern teenage Kataang because of reasons.

I’m sure those familiar with Viria’s Modern Gaang will recognize many similar elements in the clothing, mostly with Aang. I hope this doesn’t count as stealing idk I just really liked her designs, ‘specially Aang’s sweater. Also, I gave him hair because I could.


felt like doodling a badass Korra


felt like doodling a badass Korra

Now, let us anoint the master who will help lead us in our new path.

The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Band -


A bit of a sample of what could be heard during the Day at “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”

The Voice of Freddy

The Voice of Bonnie

The Voice of Chica


korra week: day four


once at home again (2)


Summary: Korra was not the only one injured by the poison.
Word Count: 2000
A/N: part 2/4 of anon’s prompt - “the Krew recovering from the ordeal and trauma they faced in the finale.” and I think I’ll gift this one to la-vaniteuse because it seems like something she would like

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She wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating but calm. Korra takes a moment to relax, her hand on her chest, allowing the darkness to resolve around her. The window is open to the sea breeze, the curtains rippling in the clear warm air, and the wheelchair sits in its shadowy corner of the room. (Like that, it looks like a strange animal, slouching on its haunches and watching her. She hates that fucking chair.)

She hadn’t been dreaming. Just sleeping. So something else woke her up, and now Korra needs to take care of it.

As she rolls over onto her side, she grits her teeth, grimacing at the prospect of asking for help. This is something she wants to do herself, alone - she alone is responsible for this - but her body is still sore beyond belief, every joint stiff and bruised, and just propping herself up on her elbow takes a tremendous effort. It’s impossible without help, and there’s only one person who can… 

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Restitution - Tonraq (Part One)


Title: Restitution, Part One (Tonraq) (ff.net)

Rating: T

Length: 1,997

Summary: A series on Korra’s recovery process told from the perspectives of many different characters. Some of these are based on prompts, and some are my own invention.

Chapter Note: I had a few requests for Tonraq, particularly yume-onata, who wanted Tonraq cheering Korra up and making her feel safe. This doesn’t quite get there because I felt like I needed to start on a downbeat and work upward. I’ll return to Tonraq eventually.

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you know what?? really? truly? honestly??? kind of underwhelmed by twdg


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Tenzin’s courageous sacrifice to save the new Air Nation.